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Cybersecurity Tips for 2018

Posted on January 04, 2018

Make 2018 the year you resolve to update and maintain your cybersecurity – check out some of our simple tips to protecting your finances.

Change Your Passwords
Changing your passwords on a regular basis is the simplest step you can take to protect yourself. Avoid making your passwords similar to one another, as well as terms or phrases that are too familiar. Create complex passwords created from a variety of phrases, letter, numbers and special characters.

Not sure you can manage multiple passwords across multiple accounts? Consider using a password manager.

Hide Your PIN Code
When at an ATM, always cover the keypad by covering your hand. High-tech criminals can use cameras placed anywhere in an attempt to steal your PIN number. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid ATMs where there are too many people nearby. Finally, never write down or give your PIN number to anyone.

Update Your Computer & Phones
Turn on auto-updates on your devices, this will guarantee that you’re receiving the latest updates on your laptop and mobile phones. Many security issues can be prevented simply by keeping up with system and manufacturer updates.

Resolve to be Aware
This year, review your statements each month and turn on account alerts through online banking. The quicker you are alerted to suspicious activity on your account, the quicker you can take action by calling our Member Access Center at 409.945.4474 or 281.479.3441. 

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