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Being Financially Prepared in 2018

Posted on January 10, 2018

2018 is here. Are you ready?

It’s a new year – ripe with resolutions – and it’s the perfect time to fine tune your financial attitude and standings, as well as vow to do more.

Take stock of where you are with your personal finances and investments, it’s time to move forward and prepare for the financial realities of 2018 with these tips.

Fine-Tune Your Budget
Start the New Year with a plan and set a budget that starts with your expected income and fixed expenses, such as a mortgage or rent costs, HOA fees, property taxes, insurance, utilities and other set costs. Don’t forget to set a financial goal and incorporate that into your budget!

Designate your remaining money for all other expenses. A realistic budget will help you stick to your 2018 financial goals. Although 2018 has already begun, there are 50 weeks remaining in which you can be successful. Even with a solid plan in place, there will always be surprises. Be sure to build an emergency fund into your budget.

Plan to Meet Your Goals
How will you accomplish your 2018 financial goals, both short and long-term? Each set of goals will require a different set of plans and saving actions.

Work backwards to determine how much is needed to save for a specific goal. If your dream is to purchase a new television, research the cost and establish a reasonable time-frame and amount you’ll need to save each month.

From checking to savings accounts, to home and auto loans, ACU of Texas offers a variety of solutions that can help you with your financial goals. Stop by an ACU of Texas branch to meet with one of our friendly team-members, or call us today at 409.945.4474 or 281.479.3441 to speak with a Member Representative.

Here is to a successful 2018! 

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