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4 Bad Habits to Break in 2018

Posted on January 18, 2018

Money – it’s stressful, and everyone is guilty of at least one bad financial habit. Kickoff 2018 by kicking these less than stellar habits, now:

Buying Lunch, Coffee or Snacks Daily
Whether it’s a matter of convenience or just taste, eating out can be irresistible. While there is nothing wrong with buying the occasional latte, expenses add up quickly and avoiding last minute food purchases and planning ahead can help you save a significant amount this year.

Making Late Payments
No one likes paying bills, but when you pay yours late, your credit score could take a hit and the late fees end up costing you more. Make a habit of paying your bills on time in 2018 – not sure this is a goal you can stick to? Consider enrolling in auto-pay in our online banking system.

Not Setting Savings Goals
Whether you are saving for retirement or an emergency fund, a new home or a vacation, saving money is an obligation to yourself. By not prioritizing savings, it won’t get done and your goals won’t be met. Set savings goals to make 2018 a financially successful year.

Spending Beyond Your Means
It’s a cardinal sin of personal finances – spending more money than you make. This bad habit can cause major problems in all areas of your financial life. Relying on loans and credit cards to cover your spending habit isn’t a stable habit, and is the beginning of a vicious cycle that can trap you into debt. Address this habit first by setting a budget for the year.

2018 is a fresh, New Year. Breaking these habits now can help you be in a good financial place. 

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