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Jeep Jam 2016

Posted on June 28, 2016

Jeep Jam Lineup

By: Laura Apodaca, Online Marketing Specialist

Saturday morning started off as any other day, the birds chirping, the wind flowing but what made this one in particular Saturday so different was the lineup of jeeps! Hard tops, soft tops or no tops filled the parking lot of Associated Credit Union of Texas. Dozens of jeep owners proudly backed into an open parking space as their vehicles roared and rumbled forcing spectators to turn and look. The smell of truffle butter sauce smothered over ground beef filled the air as guests danced and laughed while listening to the DJ’s top hit list pour over his collection of records. Members of the South Coast Jeep Club and Select Jeeps shook hands and presented their business cards while maintaining a deep elongated stare. It was another perfect day to enjoy Jeep Jam 2016 hosted by ACU of Texas.  

Special thanks to: South Coast Jeep Club, Select Jeeps, Ron Carter League City, CKD’s Golf Carts, The Shiver Shack, Cousins Maine Lobster, Craft Burger Food Truck.

Franks jeeps

Jeep Flag Jam

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