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Important Employee Information



Employee Emergency Line: 866-508-9179


State of Texas
Texas Department of Public Safety: 281.517.1300
Texas Department of Transportation: 713.802.5000
Local Road Conditions & Closures: 713.802.5074
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ): 713.767.3500

Service Agencies
American Red Cross, Greater Houston Area: 713.526.8300; after hours 713.526.0636
Salvation Army: 713.752.0677; after hours 713.224.2875
United Way: 713.685.2300
Information Referral: 211

Federal Agencies
National Weather Service (NWS): 281.337.5074
Marine Information Recording: 281.337.7895
US Coast Guard-Marine Safety Office: 713.671.5100

To register for Hurricane Evacuation Assistance, Call 211

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