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Important Employee Information



Employee Emergency Line: 866-508-9179

All branches are open and back to normal schedules.

We will be working with all of our employees who experienced flooding and providing them with assistance in the upcoming days. We have had a huge response from our employees, members and vendors who are wanting to know how to help and we will have more specific information available soon. 



State of Texas
Texas Department of Public Safety: 281.517.1300
Texas Department of Transportation: 713.802.5000
Local Road Conditions & Closures: 713.802.5074
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ): 713.767.3500

Service Agencies
American Red Cross, Greater Houston Area: 713.526.8300; after hours 713.526.0636
Salvation Army: 713.752.0677; after hours 713.224.2875
United Way: 713.685.2300
Information Referral: 211

Federal Agencies
National Weather Service (NWS): 281.337.5074
Marine Information Recording: 281.337.7895
US Coast Guard-Marine Safety Office: 713.671.5100

To register for Hurricane Evacuation Assistance, Call 211

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