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Protecting Yourself from Jugging

Posted on July 08, 2018

Jugging, a term heard more and more on the news, is a new trend in financial theft, and unfortunately is gaining prevalence in the Greater Houston Area.

So what is jugging?
Jugging is the term used to describe suspects who sit in the parking lots of financial institutions, watching as customers go in and out. Juggers choose their victims based on who they believe has just withdrawn cash, and then they look for an opportunity to burglarize them, following them to their next destination. If a customer leaves the bank and does not leave their money unattended in their vehicle most Juggers will go back to the bank to target another banking customer, however, some will confront the customer in an attempt to rob them by taking the money by force.

Protecting Yourself
Being aware of your surroundings is a simple way to protect yourself from jugging. Make note of vehicles backed into parking spaces with a clear view of the front door, ATM or drive-thru, or vehicles changing parking spaces. Conceal your money before leaving and never openly carry deposit bags, envelopes or coin boxes – be discreet. Never leave your valuables in your car, this is a welcome sign for thieves. Finally, if you feel like you’re being followed, call 911.

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