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One Boy's Strength Gives Us All Hope

by Remy Martinez | Apr 11, 2016

You would never think just by seeing Bennett Nester that he has endured an experience no child deserves to go through. Today, 6-year-old Bennett is finally able to enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about the dangers he has faced over the past five years. Back in 2011, his parents became really worried after one-year-old Bennett kept falling down while holding his head. After being rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital, Bennett was diagnosed with brain cancer.

"Bennett had fluid in his brain and a tumor was blocking the fluids from flowing properly," explains Brandelyn Nester, Bennett's mother. "An emergency surgery was performed, fluid was drained, a bypass made, and a biopsy taken."

The nightmare was far from over. Bennett still had to endure a fifteen-month cycle of chemotherapy along with numerous MRI's.

"His appetite went away after chemo began," shares Brandelyn. "We had to keep a watchful eye on him throughout the night in case he began vomiting." 

To make matters worse, Bennett was forced to experience the stages of grief after one of his good friends passed away from cancer. 

"One of Bennett's little friends from Texas Children's Hospital passed away," Brandelyn explains. "Little Liam had a malignant brain tumor and was around the same age as Bennett."

With a smile and innocence to him, Bennett made every appointment laughing so hard you couldn't tell he was sick. In 2016, for the first time in five years, Bennett's tumor is shrinking and he is able to get back doing what six-year-old little boys do best, live life careless and free.

On Saturday, March 05, dozens of volunteers snagged a makeover of a lifetime in front of hundreds of people as their heads were shaved in honor of those children who have, are, or will battle cancer. 

The first ever Brave the Shave Event for Kids Cancer in League City, Texas, hosted by ACU of Texas, raised more than $14,000 for childhood cancer research and all the money raised was donated to the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Employees at ACU of Texas had been working hard to meet their goal and more than two hundred people attended the event. 

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