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Officers pay tribute to fallen Asst Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood

by User Not Found | Jul 21, 2017

By Anoushah Rasta - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - The tributes continue to pour in for Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood, who was killed more than a month ago.

The Associated Credit Union of Texas and more than a dozen police departments in the Houston area are working together to raise money for Greenwood's family.

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The ACU of Texas told Channel 2 News on Thursday morning that it raised $7,000 in community donations.

The Credit Union said they will match the donations up to $1,500

"Personally, I was a fireman for 3 years before I got into the business side of what I'm doing now, so I kind of understand where they're coming from. I've been to a bunch of funerals and it's a sad thing, but when the community can get involved like ACU is offering for them, that's why I'm here," said Dustin Simon.

Greenwood's wife expressed gratitude towards the outpouring of support her family has received. 

"When I let Mrs. Greenwood and the family know that the credit union was doing this, obviously, she was overwhelmed with all the support that's come her way. She's very grateful and very appreciative," said Harris County Constable Precinct 3 Captain Kirk W. Bonsal.

Assistant Chief Deputy Greenwood was shot and killed on April 3rd near the Harris County government building in Baytown.

Investigators said the man suspected in Greenwood's death took his own life the day after Greenwood was killed.

The credit union's marketing specialist said the funds will be transferred to the 100 Club, which will give the money to Greenwood's family.

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