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Q: When are we changing to the new Online Banking system?
A: The change will be taking place on Monday, September 24, 2012.

Q: Will my username and password be the same?
A: Not initially. Since we are moving to a new Online Banking system, your current username and password will not convert over for security reasons. Once you have signed back on, you will be able to customize your username and password. Detailed instructions on how to access your Online Banking information will be provided.

Q: What will I need to sign into Online Banking?
A: We will provide you with the necessary credentials to log into Online Banking prior to the conversion date.

Q: What additional steps are needed once I log in for the first time?
A: We have implemented new security features to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. Once you have logged in, it will take a few short moments to answer a few questions to enhance the security of your Online Banking account.

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Q: What are some of the features the new home banking will be offering?
A: Some of the new features include a customizable home page, more robust alert options, new My Finance tool, and mobile apps for I-Phone/ Android users.

Q: Will any of the current functionality be lost from the current home banking to the new website?
A: No functionality will be lost. Members will see new features and improved functionality to display and manage their financial transactions.

Q: Will my transaction history still appear with the new system?
A: Yes. You will have access to the last 4 months of history as you do today

Q: What is the My Finance tool?
A: The My Finance tool allows you to track spending behaviors, categorize expenses, and set goals to help you easily manage your finances and budget.

Q: What is Bill Shrink?
A: It is a free service that automatically presents a variety of money-saving opportunities and online rewards to you. It's convenient, user-friendly and secure.

Q: What steps can Members take to help assist with an easy transition?
A: Confirm in branch or by phone your correct address, phone, cell phone and email are on file at the credit union.

Q: If I know I need to update my contact information with the credit union how may I do so?
A: Members may update their information in branch, by phone, secure live chat, secure email or by completing the online form and faxing it to the credit union at

Q: Can I still pay my credit card online?
A. Yes. Our new online banking will continue to provide access to for you to view credit card statements and pay your bill online.

Q: Will I continue to receive electronic statements?
A. Yes. Your statements will continue to be sent the same way you receive them now.

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Q: Will Mobile banking be available?
A: Yes. Mobile banking will continue to be available. We will also have brand new mobile apps for I-Phone and Android users.

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Q: Why can't I view My online Bill Pay?
A: Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Sites > type in > Click Allow > Click OK”

Q: How can I make my loan payment online from another institution?
A: This would need to be setup in a branch by submitting an ACH Authorization form.

Q: How can I view my credit card bill/statement online?
A: Make sure you have pop-ups enabled in order to view your credit card information. If that does not
work, please call the MAC.

Q: What payment methods are used for Bill Pay?
A: Payments are sent electronically via ACH and are also sent as checks. It depends on the payee.

Q: I made a bill payment online. Why has it not cleared?
A: Electronic payments are cleared the same day the bill is processed. Check payments do not pull funds
from your account until the check clears through us. It is the same process as if you wrote the check

Q: What it the latest I can process my bill payment the same day?
A: Bills must be scheduled by 2 pm Central Standard Time in order to go out that business day.

Q: Will Member's bill payment history to payees transfer to the new bill pay system?
A: No. Since we are changing bill pay providers, members will have to contact our Member Access
Center at 800-848-0330 for inquiries related to past history information.

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Q: What browsers are suitable for use with the new home banking platform?
A: November 13, 2012 - We support the current and prior major releases of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Each time a new version is
released, support will cease on the third-oldest major version.
We support the current release of Safari (5.1.7).
We support the current release of Chrome.
Utlizing older browsers may result in disabled functonality or limited access to services.

Additional Browsers:
Browser usage is reviewed monthly. Additional browsers will be added if usage meets or exceeds 5% of total login activity.

Beta Versions:
Beta versions are not supported. When new versions of browsers are announced as ready to Release to the Web (RTW) by the provider,
they will become a supported version.

The following types of tools and/or access are not recommended and may impact experience:
Accessing account via an embedded browser such as:
Personal or Commercial Financial Management Software (Quicken, Quickbooks, etc.)
Browser Bars within AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc...
Internet Portal access within gaming systems such as XBox
Use of browser Add-Ins (Emoticons, FunWeb Services, etc..)

Supported Browsers - Current and Prior Major Release

Microsoft Internet Explorer - IE


Safari (current release only)
We do not support Safari 5.1.4 or 5.1.5.  These browser releases have impacted many industries -- not just our online and mobile banking products. If you absolutely must use these older versions, you will need to use the following workaround:

  • After login, click the refresh button (on the browser toolbar) to re-load the screen. Note: This will need to be repeated with each login. 





Internet Explorer






Download one of the supported browsers now!

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