Visa® Debit Card

All members of Associated Credit Union of Texas eligible to receive a Visa® Debit Card.

Click here report a lost or stolen card. Click here to learn about Fraud Alerts

Mascot Visa® Debit Card

Support your local High School with your Visa® Debit Card. Every time you use your Mascot Visa® Debit Card for qualifying* transactions, a credit of ten cents will be donated to your High School every quarter.

Learn more about Mascot Visa® Debit Cards.

*Qualifying Transactions are signature based debit card transactions of $5.00 or more not including ATM withdrawals or PIN based transactions.

Hero Rewards Visa® Debit Card

At ACU of Texas, we believe that real heroes deserve real rewards. Our Hero Rewards Visa® Debit Cards are designed to honor Veterans and First Responders.

Learn more about Hero Rewards Visa® Debit Cards.

ATM Cards

Members with an ACU of Texas checking, savings or money market account are eligible to get an ATM Card to be used for making withdrawals, balance inquires and transfers. ATM Cards can be used wherever there is a CU Friendly, VISA®, Cirrus®, or Pulse® logos.

To apply for an ATM Card.


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