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Switch Kit

Switching to ACU of Texas is easy! Simply follow the steps below to move your account. 

Step 1: Get Organized

Step 2: Update Your Direct Deposit

  • Prepare to move your direct deposit by completing the Direct Deposit Form. Be sure to include a deposit receipt or voided check.

Step 3: Change Your Automatic Payments

  • Review your past several account statements to help recall any bills or subscriptions you've opted to pay automatically.

  • Set up new automatic payments using our free Bill Pay service in Online Banking.

Step 4: Close Your Old Account(s)

  • Confirm any pending withdrawals have cleared your old account(s) and confirm all automatic payments have been transferred to your new account(s). 
  • Destroy any unused checks, ATM/debit and credit cards, and deposit slips associated with your former account(s).
  • Start using your new ACU of Texas account for your deposits and payments. 

Step 5: Transfer Other Accounts and Loans

  • Consider making your financial life even less complicated by transferring other accounts to ACU of Texas. We offer a complete line of financial products, including insurance services. With all of your funds in one place, managing your money can be even easier.
  • Contact us or visit your nearest branch and we will be happy to assist you. 
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