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Online Banking FAQ

Q: I am having trouble logging into my online banking account. What do I do?

A: Make sure that you are entering your User ID correctly, and that CAPS LOCK is not on while entering your password. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your username or password? and reset it by using the prompts provided.


Q: What are some of the features Online Banking offers?

A: Some of the new features include enhanced alert options, fingerprint & facial recognition, free credit monitoring, mobile deposit, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android users.

Q: If I know I need to update my contact information with the credit union how may I do so?

A: You can update your email address, phone number and mailing address within Online Banking. This information can be edited within your profile under Contact Information. Members may also update their information in branches, over the phone, via a secure live chat or secure email.

Q: Can I pay my credit card online?

A. Yes. Online Banking incorporates your ACU of Texas Credit Cards, and allows for you to review statements and pay your balance. 

Q: What kind of budgeting and finance tools are available in Online Banking?

A: Track your budget and savings goals right from your dashboard by setting up a Savings Goals or utilizing our free Credit Monitor. 

Q: Can I transfer money to accounts at another financial institution?

A. You may be able to transfer money to some institutions via Bill Pay. In the near future we will be implementing a cross institution transfer method! View detailed instructions on how to transfer and make payments to accounts at other financial institutions in Bill Pay.

Q: How do I set up Account Alerts?

A: Select More > Alerts. From here, you can sign up for Subscription Alerts or Security Alerts and choose where the alert is sent (email, text message or push notification) as well as select the dollar threshold and frequency of alerts as needed.

Q: How do I set up a Travel Notice?

A: Under More, select Travel Notice. Input your destination and the dates you will be traveling so that you do not encounter any card or account interruptions.


Is Mobile Banking available? 

A: Yes. We have mobile apps for iPhone and Android users. Mobile App details.

Q: What browsers are suitable for use with Online Banking?

A: You will need to use Chrome or Safari to access Online Banking. Utilizing other browsers may result in disabled functionality.

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