As we start the new year, resolutions for self-improvement and setting goals often come into focus for many individuals. If your 2023 goals include buying a home, making home improvements, building your dream home, or consolidating your debts using the equity in your home, ACU of Texas Mortgage has you covered.

What are your home goals for 2023?

Determining your top goals for the new year early on will help you establish what steps need to be taken to reach those goals. Which goals are important for you to accomplish this year?

  • Buy a new home.
    • ACU of Texas has a variety of home loan products to get you into a new home. With low and no down payment options, there is no better time to work towards your goal of homeownership.
  • Renovate your current home.
    • The winter may be the best time for renovation projects when lower demand and weather conditions leave contractors with less demanding schedules. Spring and summer are also great for outdoor projects. ACU of Texas offers several home improvement loan options to help cover the cost of your renovations.
  • Lower your monthly bills.
    • Let ACU of Texas help you with your financial fitness this year. With first and second lien home equity loans available, you have options to explore consolidating your bills using the established equity in your home.
  • Build your dream home.
    • With ACU of Texas' construction loan program, you can build your dream home on land that you already own or purchase the land to build on.
It may be helpful to break your big goals into smaller goals. Whether you are looking to buy, renovate, build or consolidate bills, reaching out to an ACU of Texas Mortgage Loan Officer to discuss your options is a great first step to reaching your 2023 home goals.