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A more rewarding way to shop.


Every day you make purchases, from groceries to gas, cardigans to coffee. Imagine if you could get cash back, just for buying the things you already buy. Say hello to CashBack+, a member benefit from ACU of Texas. Browse offers personalized to your favorite brands + hundreds more. Purchase a gift card in any amount, and use it to make your purchases. You’ll receive instant cash back, up to 20%! 

4 easy steps to get cash back.

Using CashBack+ is easy, instant and mobile.

CashBack  Select


Browse personalized offers from the brands you love + hundreds more.

CashBack  Purchase


Buy gift cards to use for your everyday purchases. You’ll receive your cash back instantly – up to 20%.

CashBack  Use


Use your gift cards when shopping in store or online.  They are also conveniently stored in your CashBack+ wallet.

CashBack  Repeat


Use CashBack+ whenever you shop.  The more you use CashBack+, the more your cash adds up.

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Shopping your favorites has never been so rewarding.

Amazon, Walmart, Target and Lowes too. You’ll find hundreds of well-loved brands available with CashBack+. Find the offer that suits you, and get up to 20% cash back from your favorite places to shop or dine.


Have questions about CashBack+?

How does CashBack+ work?

CashBack+ is an exclusive marketplace accessible right from your digital banking homepage that has a large variety of cash back offers from hundreds of well-loved brands. It is a unique benefit brought to you by ACU of Texas. Members receive cash back when they purchase digital gift cards using funds from their accounts to do their everyday shopping, instead of using cash, credit or debit cards. The brands are personalized to members, and the offers update frequently. 

How do I get my cash back?

The best part of Cashback+ is how simple it is to use. Simply, purchase a digital gift card and instantly receive an additional percentage of your gift card value as cash back. The cash back will appear in your CashBack+ Wallet which is accessible in the menu of the CashBack+ marketplace, and can be used for other gift card purchases or transferred back into your account. 

How can I use my cash back?

Members can utilize their cash back to either purchase additional gift cards through the CashBack+ Marketplace or their cash back balance can be transferred back to the members’ connected checking/savings account. Transferring cash back to a member’s account only takes up to 24 hours, and there are no fees associated with utilizing their cash back.

How will I receive my digital gift card?

Gift cards are always easily accessible for when you’re ready to shop. Once purchased, your digital gift card will immediately be available within your CashBack+ Wallet. You will also receive a confirmation email at the time of purchase to the email associated with your ACU of Texas account. The digital gift card comes with a code that can be used online or scanned in store. Your gift card will remain in your CashBack+ Wallet until you’re ready to use it and you can then archive it within the wallet once used.

When do my gift cards expire?

While expiration policies are dictated by the specific gift card's retailer, federal law dictates gift cards are not permitted to expire within a minimum of 5 years from the date of purchase. To get more information regarding the specific gift card, we recommend reaching out to the specific brand’s support team.

Can I get a physical gift card?

CashBack+ only provides digital gift cards to ensure they can be utilized instantly, but you can always print your digital gift card. You can use the gift card Code and Pin to redeem online or if presented with a barcode, either scanned from your cellular device or printed out and presented to the cashier at the time of purchase.

Can I exchange my gift card?

Once a gift card is purchased, we are unable to exchange the gift card or cancel the gift card to refund your account. 

What if my gift card was sent to an email account I can no longer access?

If you no longer have access to the email account on file, please update your email address in your banking profile. Once updated, please reach out to (our partners in bringing you CashBack+) to confirm the change and have the previous cards sent to your new email address.

What if my card did not work when I attempted to use it?

You can visit the Help Center for detailed instructions on most cards. Otherwise, please contact the CashBack+ support team at (our partners in bringing you CashBack+). Brand websites can have different methods of accepting gift cards, and the support team is happy to help if there are any issues.

Can I print my gift card?

Yes, once claimed the digital gift card can be printed. 

I lost my gift card number and/or pin. What should I do?

No problem! You can access your previously purchased gift cards either through the email confirmation or through your CashBack+ Wallet, which is accessible in the menu of the CashBack+ Marketplace. If you cannot find the original email, reach out to (our partners in bringing you CashBack+) for assistance.

I know a business that wants to participate on CashBack+ as a gift card option, how do they get in touch?

We would suggest the business reaches out to our Merchant team for more information about onboarding and to book a meeting to learn more. The Merchant Team can be reached at (our partners in bringing you CashBack+). 

Why do I see different options than other members?

CashBack+ provides the best offers for all users. The options may change depending on a variety of factors including previous purchase history, location, promotional campaigns, and more.

Where do I go for further assistance?

If you have a question that still needs to be answered, please visit the Help Center or contact a dedicated support team member at (our partners in bringing you CashBack+). 

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