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Here are some of the key documents each business type will need to get started:

Sole Proprietorship

  • Tax ID#: Social Security Number (SSN) or employer identification number (EIN) of the sole proprietorship
  • Documents: Certificate of assumed business name (DBA)

General Partnership

  • Tax ID#: EIN of partnership
  • Documents: Partnership agreement and certificate of assumed business name (DBA)

Limited Partnership

  • Tax ID#: EIN of partnership
  • Documents: Partnership agreement, Certificate of Formation Limited Partnership Form 207, copies of all organizational documents which confirm the General Partner and Limited Partners

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Tax ID#: EIN of partnership
  • Documents: Partnership agreement and Limited Liability Partnership Application for Registration Form 307

Corporation (S-Corporation or C-Corporation)

  • Tax ID#: EIN of corporation
  • Documents: Articles of incorporation and by-laws; state filing of articles. Certificate of Formation for a For-Profit Corporation Form 201, certificate of assumed business name, and resolution or meeting minutes signed by the secretary, vice president and authorized signers

Limited Liability Company (LLC)*

  • Tax ID#: EIN of your LLC
  • Documents: Certificate of Formation Limited Liability Company Form 305 or Articles of Organization

*LLC Agreement is preferred for entities with two or more owners and highly recommended for Business Lending.

Unincorporated Associations and Clubs

  • Tax ID#: EIN of organization
  • Documents: Meeting minutes signed by the secretary, vice president or president of the organization; by-laws or charter for association

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