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ACUTX 24/7: Digital Banking

Now with Alexa iPay QuickPay Skill!

Whether you're logging in to Online Banking, checking your balance on the ACUTX Mobile App, or paying your bills with Alexa, accessing your account 24/7 is easy.


Online Banking

At Associated Credit Union of Texas, Online Banking is a FREE and convenient way for you to view accounts, pay bills, transfer money and set financial goals, without stepping foot into a branch.

Click here to register for online banking, or here to access your accounts


ACUTX Mobile App

Access your money on the go and 24/7, with the ACUTX Mobile App.

The ACUTX Mobile App can be easily accessed on iOS and Android devices. Check transaction history, account balances, pay bills, make transfers and locate our nearest ATMs and branches all in the palm of your hand. 


Alexa iPay QuickPay Skill

ACU of Texas is excited to announce that we now offer an Amazon Alexa skill that allows members to activate bill pay via Alexa!

To use the voice-driven bill pay capabilities, first-time users will go through a one-time setup process.

  1. Log-on to online banking, go to the My Bill Pay tab, select My Account, then go to the Voice bill pay section and select the Add Alexa link. 
  2. Members will be prompted to answer one of their previously setup security questions.
  3. Members will create credentials to link their bill pay to the Alexa skill for voice bill pay.
  4. Use the Alexa phone app to search for and enable iPay QuickPay in the Amazon Skill Store.
  5. Enter the credentials created in bill pay to link bill pay to iPay QuickPay and create a four-digit PIN.
  6. Authorize the account link.
  7. Acknowledge the related Alexa policies.

To Make A Payment

  1. Use Alexa to start the bill pay feature by saying, “Alexa, start iPay QuickPay.”
  2. Authenticate access using the established four-digit PIN.
  3. Make a payment by speaking the payee name, the payment amount, and the payment date

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