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Save for School

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Your child's future. Your way.

Don't let the sticker shock of college scare you! It's easy to start saving for your child's education now. We can help you financially prepare for what happens after high school graduation to get you tracking toward your savings goals.

ACU of Texas College Savings Plan

Save for your child's education using this easy and flexible tool. 529 funds can be used for any accredited college, university or vocational school within the United States, and at some foreign universities. Funds are tax-deferred while invested and tax-free at withdrawal if used for qualified education expenses

Why this plan?

  • Powered by the Columbia Future Scholar 529 Plan
  • Reduced group pricing for ACU of Texas members and their families
  • Multiple Mutual Fund Families and ETFs available
  • Dedicated Wealth Management Team support
  • As little as $50 a month to start

Have questions or want to start saving for your student's future?

Connect with Robert Bruns by email or call 281-661-3635