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GAP Insurance

You Need More Than Insurance to Protect Your Investment

Did you know ACU of Texas offers UNITY - Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance (GAP)?

GAP is low-cost auto loan coverage that pays the potentially high-cost difference between your insurance settlement and your loan balance on items directly related to the purchase of your vehicle. When the unexpected occurs and your car becomes damaged beyond repair or stolen, GAP will come out of pocket to pay the difference for only a few dollars a month*.

How it Works

You owe $14,000 on your vehicle, and it's damaged beyond repair in an accident. After subtracting your deductible, the insurance company awards $11,000 for the damage.

Without GAP, you would pay out-of-pocket to cover the remaining $3,000 loan balance.
Your loan balance $14,000
Your insurance company pays $11,000
Remaining loan balance (out of pocket expense) $3,000
With GAP, your remaining loan balance is paid.
Remaining loan balance $3,000
GAP benefit $3,000
Out-of-pocket expense $0

How Can I Purchase Gap?

Signing up for GAP is easy with open enrollment. You can add GAP to an existing ACU of Texas auto loan or simply sign up at the time of your application. The monthly amount can be rolled into your loan payment, and the coverage is fully refundable if you cancel within 60 days. Call (800) 848-0330 for more information about the benefits of GAP.

GAP is available for new and used autos, vans, light trucks and SUVs, motorcycles, travel trailers, water craft and motorhomes.

*GAP premium will extend term of loan or may increase monthly payment.
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