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Remote Deposit

What is Remote Deposit?

Remote Deposit allows you to use your smart phone to take digital images of your checks and deposit them into your ACU of Texas account - without ever stepping foot into a branch. Remote Deposit is convenient, secure, free and accessible through the free ACU of Texas App.

How does Remote Deposit work?

Remote Deposit allows ACU of Texas members to deposit a check into their account from a remote location, without having to physically deliver the check to the credit union. This is accomplished by taking a picture with a smart phone of a check and submitting that image to ACU of Texas, through the Remote Deposit function. ACU of Texas then captures information from the check and processes it electronically.

How do I sign up for Remote Deposit?

  1. Download the ACU of Texas Mobile App to your smart phone
  2. Open the ACU of Texas Mobile App on your smart phone
  3. Enroll in Remote Deposit
  4. Begin using Remote Deposit through your ACU of Texas mobile App

*Our Mobile Banking App can be easily accessed on iOS and Android devices. You can check transaction history, account balances, pay bills, make transfers, access remote deposit and locate our nearest ATMs and branches all in the palm of your hand.

Not available for the first 30 days after checking account opening.

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