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Financial Empowerment Tools

Learn more about the tools below that will help you become Financially Empowered!


Setting Financial Goals

A powerful process for thinking through short and long-term financial futures and finding ways to turn dreams into reality, setting goals helps you:

  • Work Toward a Better Future
  • Prioritize How You Spend
  • Measure & Track Progress
  • Take Pride in Bettering Your Life

Click here to access our Goal Setting Tool

Saving For The Unexpected, Emergencies & Goal

When you save for unexpected expenses, emergencies and goals, you are prepared for any financial hurdle that life throws your way.

Check out our Savings Plan Tool, here. 

Managing Your Income

Whether your income is regular and schedule, or irregular and unpredictable, we can help you get a handle on the influx of funds that come into your household.

Check out our Income & Financial Resource Tracker and our Strategies for Increasing Cash Flow

Paying Bills & Other Expenses

Identify your bills and expenses you are able to live without, and those that you need to survive.

Check out our Spending Tracker, Bill Calendar and our Strategies for Cutting Expenses

Managing Cash Flow

When it comes to money, timing matters. Manage your cash flow with a budget that helps identify when you fall short each month, and ensures that you have the financial resources to cover bills and save.

Get started with our Quick Budget and Cash Flow Planning tools. Be sure to review our Improving Cash Flow Checklist

Dealing With Debt

When you owe someone money, you’re liable for paying the debt back and most of the time in the form of scheduled payments. Often you use money from your future income to make those payments. While borrowing money may give you access to something today, you may have monthly payments for months or years going forward. This obligation may decrease your financial planning options in the future.

Credit vs. Debt

Credit is the ability to borrow money in turn debt results from using credit. You can have credit without having debt. For example, you may have a credit card but no outstanding balance on it.

Understanding your debt and financial planning can help you take control of your future. Use our tools below to better manage debt and be financially empowered!

Check out our Debt Payoff Worksheet and Debt-to-Income Calculator.

Understanding Credit Reports & Scores

You may think credit reports and scores don’t matter if you never want to borrow money, but you may not know that many people and businesses use these reports and scores to make decisions about you.

  • A bank or credit card will use them to decide whether to give you a loan or offer you a credit card.
  • A credit card company may use them to decide what interest rate you will pay on your future charges if you are approved.
  • A landlord may use your reports or scores to determine whether to rent an apartment to you.
  • In many states, an insurance company may use your reports or scores to determine whether to give you insurance coverage and the rates you will pay for coverage.
  • Other service providers, like cell phone and utilities companies, may use them to screen you for deposit levels and cost of service.
  • A potential employer may use your reports to determine whether you will get a job. Note: According to the credit reporting agencies, actual scores are not used by employers. A special version of the credit report is used by employers.
  • An existing employer may use your reports to determine whether you will get a promotion.

Having a positive credit history and good credit scores can open doors for you.

Take the time to make sure the information in your report is accurate - Check out Financial Empowerment tools below.

Evaluate Your Financial Products & Services

While ACU of Texas has a wide variety of products and services to meet your everyday needs, most people aren't aware how these products and services can save you time and money.

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