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Apple, Google & Samsung Pay

Use your Associated Credit Union of Texas credit and debit cards with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, with a single tough of your finger.

With Mobile Payments via Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, you are able to make purchases while staying safe and secure. Simply add your card to your pay device, and your information is encrypted. 

Click here for step-by-step instruction on setting up the ACUTX Mobile App!

If you link any of your accounts or services to a third party app or payment service (including but not limited to PayPal, Zelle or Venmo) you understand and agree that these are not Credit Union services; and any transactions you make will be subject to your agreements with the app or service provider. You understand that these apps and services do not provide the same protections from fraud or other misapplication of funds as traditional direct banking services. If we transfer any funds as directed by you or anyone you authorize to the app or third party service provider such transfer(s) shall in all respects be an authorized transaction and we will have no further obligation or liability if the app or provider then transfers the funds to a fraudster or the funds are otherwise misapplied. Further, you understand that funds transferred to/via a third party App may not be federally or otherwise insured; and you assume all risks should your funds become unavailable for any reason.

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